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next day, but was lost again on the fourth or fifth day. The process was then re-
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any other kind of disease; when the diseased deposit is in any other situation,
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political statement. I’m sure that it cost the taxpayers several hundred dollars for
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with a thin layer of i per cent, of sublimate coUodin. Over this is a
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yielded to at least every fifteen minutes; the discharge of the fluid being followed
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this veriest trifle of a fact became mine. There was food for thought in it^
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to which it should be limited, without the aid of pathological anatomy."
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chloride of soda, which smarted very litde ; can introduce probe made of gum
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plied in the treatment of scrofulous inflammation of the eye, have been advocated
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when we reflect on the numerous fatal consequences attending the use of this
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holds in solution organic or saline matters; and this explains why salt-water
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stant nagging pain in the left ovarian region and down the right thigh.
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pus, or lymph, or even of the peculiar material called tubercular; and more fre-
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case. He calls attention to the possibility of its being of value in the
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the weight of the intestine, and, at first view, gave the impression that
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curing the dysmenorrhoea and sterility which so urgently call for relief.
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were unusually taxed. A sunstroke, a fall, a blow, or a powerful emotion
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leading articles that both raw and boiled milk have their digestibility very
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if the crystals are used, only enough water added to make a solution, as an
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been freely and repeatedly used before, the iodide of potassium, or iodide of iron
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The second workshop on “Advanced Breast Cancer” is to be held on March 8
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Art. X[. — Case of William Freeman, the Murderer of the Van Nest
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the President of the Medical College of Georgia, on
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that plasma and urine calcium have to be maintained
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bladder, while an impaction in the cystic duct is not followed by jaundice,
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