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* Transactions of the American Gynecological Society, 1893, pp. 435 and 436.

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'' It is highly desirable, if possible, to keep up the natural muscular movements

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compound failed. Two healthy physicians allowed themselves to be thus

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number, weighed 3265 pounds, averaging eight pounds, each.

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to the beach, about a mile and a half to the southward of the town, where

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Liability Plan. A major accomplishment of this liai-

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particularly to be regarded the higher the disease is situated m the oesophagus.

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the right heart by opening its cavities under water. The coronary vessels

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voluntary muscles, seem to be preternaturally excited, and to act with increased

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" My prize essay on hay fever for 1893 was written without any knowledge

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— Your reference committee recommends approval of

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exploratory processes employed in determining the character of diseases,

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in which the sexual function was already somewhat active, we observed an

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surprise, and will leave no cloud of any sort hanging over him. The

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the disease may be aborted. Even with the ameliorating results, I do not

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the Johns Hopkins University. Reprinted from the New York Medical

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urea, ammonia, water, and carbon dioxide. During this process of change

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There is but little interesting matter, in a general medical point of view, contained

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In estimating the amount of damage done to an injured articulation^

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may finally result in complete destruction of all glandular tissue, and

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and secretion in glands, or anaemia and checked secretion. The various

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part, in order to attack those other parts in which it meets the least resist-

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the weakness of the heart, and acts as a blood-builder in an eminent

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III. Cold Affusion. — Cold affusion is the pouring upon a part, or the

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Murphy button can be used very satisfactorily for this purpose, and where

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In this case I would have preferred to operate with the galvano-

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