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Surgery. Translated from the German, and accompanied with additional notes

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the alma fnater. Other toasts were responded to by the retiring president,

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sisting of a vascular plexus, and thinking the choroid with its pigment too dark to

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doubt in respect to this, the manner in which it may be found out is the follow-

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bacterial agents. Blood levels should be measured in patients

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termining the origin, predicting the course, or sug-

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Murphy's button, with a mortality of nihil and a complete recovery of 100

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Arthur K. Bolton regarding Podiatry with every legal

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lum, when it exists, does not adhere to the walls of the vein, but floats in the pus,

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stances, and by attrition with lactose or sugar of milk for the insoluble.

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tion for assistance to the scientific cultivator of his business is constantly occurring.

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forms of cancer, however, it constitutes a very large proportion of the mass, pre-

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Case I. — John William Macferran, stat. nine months, light hair, blue

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drizzle away, in small quantities, up to the irruption of the hemorrhage.

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Under these heads the author has presented a succinct account of all the

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it, it seems to bear a close resemblance to the disease among horses called

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occurred in other parts of the body. Dr. Chapman speaks of the appear-

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which the successful candidate obtains a Standard and

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in a physiological and pathological point of view, during my connection

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1st, the existence of inflammation in a constitution naturally excitable, or in which

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Medical Association of Georgia without the right to

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abeve quotation, however true it may be in practice, will probably afford a

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cate a pathological condition, he believed a great deal of harm would be

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accompanied by supporting biographical data, should

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to keep it going, it had entirely ceased on the second day, and we ampu-

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hereditary influence, habit, and of the eflTects of climate, occupations, modes

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" Who bandaged this leg so creditably ?" inquired the surgeon.

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summoned me to the house. Haemorrhage had commenced during sleep

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a rag, and then boiled until it becomes hard, and grated. This, we be-

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