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are at present adjudged functionless. There is a large and imposing

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being reformed; but, of course, how it will all turn out, or when it will end,

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of its acrid and offensive contents. Should there be reason to suppose the

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and more elaborate products; a smaller number are Monocotyledonous, and from

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series of facts for their support. His account, however, of the several

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in the laboratory. No amount of electronic gadgetiy

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cellent account of indigestion and its attendant ills, and is evidently written by

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sulphocyanide of copper. — Liebig^ s Annalen^ Land. Ed. and Dub. Phil. Mag., August,

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come ulcerated. And Payen adds, that the iodide is particularly indicated when

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^'4th. That the state of ebriety appears to lessen the natural resistance which

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their solatium after medical attendance has been dispensed with. An

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The preparation is in the museum of St. George's Hospital. — Lo7id. Bled. Gaz.,

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render this part of my plan impracticable, which was perhaps in one sense a

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chloroform or amylic alcohol, but which are soluble in water, and almost

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In the Appendix is presented the highly important subject of " Examina-

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evacuation by the urethra. And hence, also, it is to be inferred that an empty

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surgeons, years after, disputed the claim of having first applied what had

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review function for a Georgia hospital. This is being done on an experimental

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birth is twice as frequent in the nonwhite as in the

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and artificial respiration tried, but without avail. There was no post-

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