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tion, the temperate bath will be useful in securing the healthy action of
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Through the speculum this condition is quite apparent.
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which the catamenial function is not duly performed. He employs the spontane-
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following day, this elevation — sometimes as much as one degree — being
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ary hemorrhage, following a gun-shot wound, and cured his patient. Dr.
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during the menstrual periods, in copious perspiration, hemorrhoidal and
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tumid; painful on pressure; the pain appears greatest in right itiac region;
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ning fatty degeneration ; corp. amylacea ; a very few scattering cells, with
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ease earlier he would have stopped work and given his attention to the
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the past? Before the second world war the vast ma- >
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Travers in the statement which it contains in favour of the extract of Sarsaparilla."
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narrated as occurring in the arytenoid perichondrium. Though highly dangerous
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selves at the expense of the medical profession. I believe we are in the unfortunate
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This state was soon followed by high fever, thirst, quick pulse, &c. She
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but one answer can be returned to this query ; and are happy to find that
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tions, as the same amount of fluids lost by venesection, or a hydragogue
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and one gr. of ipecacuanha to be followed by the solution of salts with
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much they smoke or why do they smoke when they have a definite lesion in their
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of Strasburgh. It is well known, that in many cases of incipient cancer, it has
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Dr. Currie also employed the cold affusion in the exanthemata, especially
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early times or searches for another formulation for it, it will certainly
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and to do so we often have to pay a little more than supposedly similar
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Department, Toronto General Hospital ; Surgeon, Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.
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help throw down these barriers, and unite the profession of our whole

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