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tion, first vice-president of both the Medical Associa-

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The pilocarpine worked well, and was given almost daily for about ten

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was the first National Conference on Rural Health to

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ment. The day after my first visit to this man, I was called to him, in haste, to

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ing puerperal period it may simulate sepsis, but the persistence of the

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and lips, is always indicative of danger. Hemorrhage from the nasal or

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' from twelve to sixteen hours is generally sufficient for the application of the blis-

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The third class of diseases, according to Dr. W.'s arrangement, is that

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pared by saturating a solution, somewhat concentrated, of the acid, the liquor

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abundance of fresh milk was not procurable. Experiments in American

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contagion, and an unexpensive compound, easily procurable.

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cancer research program within the National Institutes

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ical picture and, obviously, in these cases, angina

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logical changes observed after death, it will be perceived that upon them

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Since the ganglia of the sympathetic and of the cerebro-spinal nerves enclose

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young women who have been castrated. These conditions I have occa-

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Except at the beginning of an epidemic, typhoid is the only disease

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fohowing, which constitutes the chapter on Malignant Ulceration of the Colon.

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liver of aduUs. and such lesions must depend either upon cancer or upon chronic

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will be enjoyed and utilized by yourselves with a growing appreciation of

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porary dislocation," and, on the other hand, we cannot have a true disloca-

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hemorrhage, dilatation of the vascular channels, and

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we would expect that repeated small doses of potassium permanganate by

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was wandering and vacant, and her fingers were scarcely ever removed

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