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is able to determine a specimen of Boophilus bovis!
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abundant and easy evacuation regularly every day. M. de B has given
can elavil be used for neuropathy
ation of life, and in no one case has a fatal termination been accelerated.
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Bernardino, Cal., April 10, aged 60, He had formerly prac-
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with the value of the agent, but that it would not have been wise to give
elavil 25 mg and alcohol
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has taken place in the character of the sounds. The sounds heard over the
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Strength diminishing; the difficulty in urinating continuing.
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Higur, who report«d hysteria in a cat and canary bird. In the
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According to that law, one parent gives to progeny the forehead and organs
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recovered, since like causes would in time again produce
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with the slightest exposure, in even the hottest weather,
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August 12th. — Actsea increased to one hundred and forty drops four times
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and who rationally administers it when there is one;
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tered the pelvis of the kidney. No visible disturbance in the
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phasize chronic pelvic disease as an etiologic factor. Sex is a
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Materia Medica, and one of the Professors of Clinical Medicine in the Uni-
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culosis is not necessarily or as a rule followed by the dis-
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come from the Italian schools. Roncali, in studying certain
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neau and M. Hatin met; as the cauterisation which M. Peronneau proposed
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ness of the names, and to do the thing yet more severely, is to draw a full
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to the subject by the remarks of Dr. Annan, I offer this paper to you for
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to be included in the statistical results. The total
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carcinoma of the cervix. As this had been treated by her fam-
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40. TTterine Reflexes. — A possible danger of operating on
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was left with amaurosis, from which time, though a little improved, she
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Abdomen. — About a pint of serum was found in the cavity of the perito-
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position, and without emitting any offensive odour.*
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application of escharotics, as the potassa fusa or strong nitric acid, is only
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2Med. Zeit. v. Vereine f. Heilk. in Preus. 1838, No. 3,
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even a specific action on the disease is ascribed to it. In
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pupils contracted ; conjunctiva slightly injected ; no vomiting ; head cool;
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tour or five days before his death be was given medicine by a
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the opprobia medicorum. In France, when any important discovery or
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A Ball remaining in the Head Eighteen Years} — A cavalry officer was
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by the finger. The disorder was doubtless much aggravated by the irre-
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D^ left hSd and arm; 9th day, moved right hand; 14th day.
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and one of a young boy, are the only ones which alarmed me, even for an
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nected with their meaning, would naturally cultivate a normal
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of the committee from that city, and Dr. Lionel H. Love, Wil-
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when he was surgeon-major of the Tenth New Hampshire Vol-
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excreted. He has also tried it in nineteen other cases, but as
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ble than the finger, and it will show everything that the fingt r
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heating to the boiling-point. If sugar be present, the bismuth
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conditions. He considers that it is possible it may be the re-
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aggerated, I beg to make the following statements :
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