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Dr. W. divides all diseases into three great classes. The first class in-

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they become vulnerable to the slings and arrows of all who seek to change the

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sequence of the nearness of the tumour. In a case operated upon by Dr.

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Internal and external saphena veins are torn across.

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in these cases, are often rendered incapable of contracting after vaginal

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not in existence when this subject was first brought up and discussed,

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Dr. Nott refers to the subject of yellow fever, or strangers' fever, as it is called

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in the afternoon, and continued at intervals during the whole of the next

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facilities have been designated at The Medical Center

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instruments will be much more safe, and much more effective, when the head

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attained in perfection. Much, however, can be done by local means in a

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I do not purpose now entering on any discussion in support of our

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the blessing of your President and the Medical Association and asking for our

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our cases. Dr. Spencer will give you his reasons why the absence of

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et fonte purulenle des poumons, dans lesquelles il n'y avail pas le plus legere trace

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