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between a successful and an unsuccessful practitioner; for to persevere in anti-

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delivered in Atlanta than elsewhere.) As you recall, the letter ended with a final

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allowing the abdomen the slight covering of a sheet. These symptoms

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original. One plate. Bound in red parchment cloth. Price, $3.25.

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found, however, that peritoneal cavity was not shut off. Over surface of

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of the reverse; they are said to exist in the greatest proportion in the most sickly

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so thoroughly threshed out that repetition should be unnecessary, but still,

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numerous and distinct towards pyloric orifice and along lesser curvature.

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located in the top of the head, and along the line of the occipito-frontalis

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tient’s discharge on the first postoperative day.

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proximity to the surface, the deceptive impression of its production in this

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not a modern development. We have descriptions of it from the earliest

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enough to be heard distinctly at the distance of two or three feet from

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peroxide of iron, in order that it may be dissolved by the acids named, and weak

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That the prisoner was delivered of a living child; that when accused of having

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" tabes mesent erica.'''' Marasmus has long been regarded as a scrofulous

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your representative in the Medical Council of Ontario, and for again

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than the first. The sequelae most frequently met with are primary neu-

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has been observed by others, the author has noticed that, in those cases where the

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no less true, that they are formed under a similar predisposition, and iden-

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five not operated on, and only three deaths altogether. He classified his

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toms of congestion of the brain; the respiratory act becomes less frequent; the

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of cystic fibrosis.”- Kulczycki^ and others found that ;

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The paper is replete with information of a valuable character. There are

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failure of vision, attributable to the presence of albuminuric retinitis, and

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measure, to the tuberculous, the gouty, and the rheumatic predisposition, which is

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brilliance and the charm of the word " radical." " Rerum fames novaricm "

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assigned to them, as long ago as the year 1691, although his opinion has not been

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A.®- Heilman-’ and Rimington’-^ suggested that an

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