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and Religion; Reverend Lred Reid, Chaplain at North

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Ligation of Uterine Vessels in the Treatment of Uterine

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lower portion of the ilium and the c^cum, which were very much injected. The

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they have been evidently collected with much care and industry.

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its energies primarily to the understanding of the Oc-

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ian one. It was removed by a median abdominal incision.

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combination of ideas, and was incapacitated, equally with the body, for ex-

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or perform the given procedure are being established by the specialty societies to

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the remark that "it knocked his words down his throat," &c. Is it not a

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mostly sound in tuberculous affections, while in scrofula they are the chief seats

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secure against returning febrile attacks. — Ibid.

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find traces of organization in the form of cells and fibres more or less ob-

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Bantu, who may have nutritional cirrhosis as well.®

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In private meetings with officials in Washington, we

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to perform the following operation, which he accordingly did: —

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commonly, are detected in the postexercise period. Therefore, during the imme-

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greater involvement in public affairs will hopefully see in the reorganization crisis

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next day, but was lost again on the fourth or fifth day. The process was then re-

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in one place, scirrhus or hard cancer, in another, encephaloma or soft cancer^ and

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the election of officers took place. Dr. A. A. Macdonald was nominated for

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Kussmaul to relieve the distressing vomiting. Some mild antiseptic lotion

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committee report. The House then adopted the report

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nerves; the second taking account of the results of successive divisions of the

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and suppression of urine early occur. The discharges from the bowels

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not yet seen such. It is a very painful disease, the patient suffering much

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although I am an old man, and in the course of nature not likely to prac-

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