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powders once in six hours through the day and night, and a wineglassful
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cure the spermatic arteries, but their immediate retraction was so great that
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farce — hot loaded leaden bullets, well aimed, on the one side ; blank cart-
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privileges and assumptions of the educational bodies were rudely handled,
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Lond. Med. Gaz.^ July, from Heller'' s Archives^ Bd. iv. heft 1.
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tumid; painful on pressure; the pain appears greatest in right itiac region;
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degenerative changes that are so apt to follow such severe injuries. Too
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no evidence of conjunctival calcification. The teeth
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portance. In order to locate and treat cases sooner,
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adversely the methods of other operators in closing the wound by means
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is given. In those cases in which the inflammation is a repetition of former at-
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justifiable to prolong gestation where the woman was near the seventh
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symptom we are inclined to treat it alone because of its persistency, and
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speeches were bright, racy, and witty, with just enough of the solid to
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give arsenic in small doses first, with compound tincture of gentian. He
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and no whiskey. Did you ever hear of such a thing ? " My friend took
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to the nourishment of vegetables. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons why bilious
deca durabolin injection side effects in urdu oral
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direct connection with it. There have also been cases of latent disease
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Hirschfeld believes that, in diabetes, coma is favored by the exclusion
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Chirurgical Transactions, vol. xxix.) — The luminous appearance of the eyes of cats,
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have included children who also had congenital heart
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matters in the blood and thus diminishing their power. The suspension
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London. By Thomas Watson, M. D., F. R. C. P., &c. &c. Third American, from
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ing fourteen or sixteen of the twenty-four hours, can only escape by a course counter
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conveyed by the circulation of the blood to every part of the body is the
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distribution and helped to prevent heat deaths in our
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with its effects. The nitrate of silver, recommended by Professor Dick-
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are governed presented. By the word contagion, Dr. W. expresses not
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(6) The process of obliteration may begin at the distal or proximal
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" The tongue. — In the structural disease, almost without exception, the tongue is
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variable period postoperatively. Recently there have been reports of intimal hyper-
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780 pages ; $5. London : H. K. Lewis, 136 Gower street, W.C.
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the opening of the abscess, so much pus was passed with the urine, as to occupy
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from the operation of removing the tubes and ovaries than from their dis-
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parents, reject criticism based on the latter’s experi-
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