Dramamine Side Effects

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Water-borne Infection. — ^Water plays an essential role in the dissemina-
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rence of the bacilli in the urine is an important matter and there seems little
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Only a limited amount of steam is required. A continued steam bath has
dramamine side effects
community. In handling a disease so infectious as this, every precaution
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for recovery. The extent of the peritonitis and the organism which is present
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It is generally thought that adhesions once formed are per-
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aged and old. In these cases we expect to find the small
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accompanied only by a few hyaline casts, epithelial cells and leukoc}i;es;
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enough to reach from the stomach to the ground when iii
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2. Necrosis and Sloughing. — This is probably due to several causes as the
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feet.^ Other parts of the body surface, as the hands or scrotum, are rarely
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effect. It should be given on the second and third days of the fever only
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cases of pneumonia, Howard found in 36 cases of secondary lobar pneumonia
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Perforation. — This is the most serious frequent complication. The
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The operator pushes the tube gently along the floor of
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the people of a city are attacked rapidly, in large numbers, and without
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high as possible above the ground; he must see himself that the bed and its
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a curious sound on auscultatory percussion comparable to the coin sound
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stupe to stop pain, spasm, and stimulate normal peristalsis
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woolen material. In many of the large cities, both in this country and in
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entirely. There is a return of the fever and constitutional sjTnptoms, and
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is established, the investigations may be considerably curtailed.
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is fixed on the basis of the normal death rate. Our duty is
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seen during convalescence. With the bradycardia there may be irregularity
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contained many important facts, a knowledge of which is
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