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less China would severely punish him. Which should he fear most ?
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portant to allay it if it be in our power. The remedy which I have found
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about 53^ to 55° of F. ; the same quantity of water which dissolves 36 to 38 parts
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with convulsions, the left arm and leg being affected; the convulsions return at
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and as it advanced and assumed the continued form, there was a strong tendency
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fully illuminated, and the square was a mass of flowers and palms. The
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tion. When extensive attachments have not been formed which would
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the effects of preparations of ergot upon the uterus during and after labor.
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Division No. i— Dr. J.L. B 1 ay, Chatham ; acclamation.
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marked inflammation of both glomerulus and surrounding tissue, the whole
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trial electricity on the organism, and as to the power of insulation in modifying
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Arts and Crafts — First Prize — Mrs. Martha Ann
diclogesic 50
as a director. If the incision be exploratory, it should be short. Catch
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opinion of the comparative value of his method. In three hundred and
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was described as owing to the children’s insecurity.
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which they treat, and to prevent that proper distinction being made between well
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but a short time before they had been of the strongest kind. In some the pains
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recovery from the effects of the dose, acquired a tolerance of larger doses,
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Text-book of Nervous Diseases. Being a compendium for the use of
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patient, for there can be no doubt of the greater liability of a womb in
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whe^-e such arch or bridge did not exist, it was pushed through the lowest part of
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plaster to the tumour, and lead water poultices to the outside of the leg.
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was raised, the waters having broken about an hour previously, and the uterine
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thin and delicate, but not cachectic. A solid, movable tumor, not quite as
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over the burnt surface. He attributes the beneficial results of this mode of treat-
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for healing, and even those that had previously healed would break out again, and
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idiocy, and by want of care in asepsis wound-infection in the newborn often
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