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When the tuberculous matter is deposited on the peritoneum, the disease
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ternally. Bat the remedies chiefly relied upon were quinia, mild purga-
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to removal of all intestinal adhesions which may be removed by manipu-
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cause cysts to be formed around them ; these cysts become stronger,
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one of the most eminent practitioners of this city, recommends the use
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of our interest than those races of animals which we labour to make per-
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sion of pus continued ; in consequence mastitis was averted, and the
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institution shall exist, his name cannot cease to be most honourably and gratefully
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and tubes, would include most of the surgical measures.
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and many lands, but equally plainly their happiness and satisfaction, it
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these so-called panaceas. When countless medicines are prescribed for
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the frequently alleged test of insanity — a knowledge of right and wrong.
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B, is vacuolated, and its lining membrane, C, is thrown into folds. At
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Between Christmas and January ist, I began to make out the outlines
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Med. and Chirurg. Soc. (March 15) an account of a case of ovarian disease, in
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no laxative was given. 12 o'clock P. M. Febrile symptoms have de-
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instrument makers, and wanted to patent it and hand the patent to the
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life lasts," says he, "every case should be considered under treatment if not to
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indurated mass enveloping the shoulder, and extending to parts adjacent,

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