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decisive force in guiding the course of the Journal.

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each one had to be content to devote himself to a single science, or even to

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encourage the activities of various county medical so-

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Krohl {Archiv. fur Gynakologie, Band xlv., Heft i) discusses at length

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difference between town and country at the South, as will be seen by referring to

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These lodge doctors need not suppose that they are the only philan-

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18 Riker Laboratories, Inc., Northridge, California

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study of them is of paramount importance if success in treatment is desired.

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abnormal condition of uterus or appendages. A medical student calling our

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were spirituous tinctures, some syrups, and others without any trace of the prepara-

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The apparent contradiction of the sedative effects of cold long applied is

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Most of the Ratanhia exported to Europe, is obtained in the southern provinces

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the gall bladder was helpful, promoting the egress of bile from it, and free

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purations after amputation, wounds received in dissection, and handling diseased

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action may be kept up for hours. In one case he had a patient placed for four,

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tion of a part of the cartilage ; disappearance of the deformity. By M. Heylen. — J. C,

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Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases in the New York Post-gradu-

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Table B is derived from the observation of the pulse of 203 females,

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tion of the fluid is allowed to escape, and then air is forced in by the

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J. T. Hartman, M.D., Lubbock, Tex. — Orthopedic Surgery

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others having secondary anasarcous affections, and sometimes congestions

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evaluation of its use; Circulation 26:1254, December 1962.

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monly desirable, still a certain class of cases does exist, in which much harm is

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as a means of assessing quality of care. This application is being explored in part

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