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of the scrofulous tubercle of youth." — Vide Am. Journ. Med. Sci., No. 12, N. S., p. 383,

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one died in a few days, and one only survived to undergo a second tapping.

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5th. Feels very well; matter weeps slowly from upper opening. Lance

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has come under my observation here has terminated in tubercular consump-

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phosphorus; while those from arterial blood yield a fat. the ashes of which mani-

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Dr. Meek, of London, reported four cases of abdominal section. The

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I discovered the change in the form of my bed. 2d. The other test is the one

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I may congratulate the association upon the excellent prospects of

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it is well known, divided phthisis into six different species, a tuberculous,

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number of trips across a pair of nine-inch steps. The

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ing the whole body, followed by hemorrhage from the nose, after W'-hich she is

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III., and also that Case V. was produced by berries eaten several weeks

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reaches the skin. (It also has been noted that a de-

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use. He at once detected its faults, and pointed them out, and showed

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By 9th Sept. tumour had lessened considerably, and the pulsations were less distinct, and on

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guide to the student and young practitioner. It is sufficiently accurate in

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to shift the responsibility upon unoffending physicians for irregularities

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and accordingly, on the 17th of February, I injected into the bladder, a lotion

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manifests itself. It occurs in that variety of temperament which has been

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it was applied indiscriminately to fractures of the extremities, of all kinds. Velpeau

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but tottered like a drunken man, and suffered a degree of exhaustion and giddi-

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tus tendinum, convulsions and coma, usually precede death. Among the

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somnolent condition most of the time. At 9 p.m. he was sleeping quietly,

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Street, Montreal). Representative of Ontario on the Local Committee of

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twisting a volvulus. If the gut be much distended, an incision to let out the

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this school died of tuberculosis. Their previous excellent health and that

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and strength. The fits of coughing became less violent ; expectoration

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examined. The result was extremely good. The other slides which had

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description of the disease made in 1874, until 1966.

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by securing primary union, and affords complete retentive power even if

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the adult chicken, are pathogenic for the embryo. This one conclusion

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all the^e inflammations, the usual battery of antiphlogistics is worse than useless,

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they cover a large part of the ground laid out by therapeutists. Some of them are

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heads and points free. Around the two ends of the pins thus left exposed, a long

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juice by acids acting with heat ; the formation of peptones from albumin-

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and antisepsis on the part of all who practise our obstetric art.

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of a permanently obstructed state of any of the cardiac orifices or vessels, admix-

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Second stage. — The vomiting which, in the commencement, was more

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