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derma about to form the amnios. By Myddleton Michel, M. D., Lecturer

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interest in proposed legislation. This is most apropos

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nelles, and the pliancy of the bones, it happens that if by accident the skull is

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M. M.S., member of the American Statistical Association of Mendon,

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end of four or five months. She did not suffer from mercurial sore mouth.

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practice. Referred to the Committee on Private Prac-

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'* 7 — Dr. G. M. Shaw, Hamilton, elected ; opposed by Dr. D, Heg-

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occurring in columns, are not cylindrical, nor have these columns any

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along the side of the uterus, the result of which is to cut off the compen-

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50. On a luminous appearance of the Human Eye, and its application to the detection

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or shower-bath. The evils attendant on a neglect of cleanliness have been

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ing-, once in three hours, until free catharsis was produced. The solution

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to professor of anesthesiology at the Emory University

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icals. Gold leaf decoration on the spine. The all new MAGAZINE COL-

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death. [Fergusson's *S't/rg-ery, p. 429, Philadelphia, 1845.) In 1837, Mr.

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without being recognized ? This very case I am speaking of would never

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another loop had slipped through above this adhesion between the bowel

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before the appearance of the lesion, nor for some shorter or longer time

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was already around the cord, but they did not deem it their duty to interfere, ^' but

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new-born children, produces no change in the blood, and yet pus is formed both in the

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doctor. The usual fees paid, say, of one dollar a meniber for attendance,

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nutritious food and drink. Exercise in the open air; if exercise could not

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other cauterizations, and may prove our most valuable medicament in

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parasite of favus, cultivated on various artificial media, manifests itself

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organ, from the presence of a small quantity of viscid mucus, is created.

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and more rapid, and the results are improving. And, better still, Paci has

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In conclusion, M. Coste observes, that he is not alone in his belief of the error

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