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Dislocations of the Spinal Vertebrae," published in your last issue, I sub-

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of sand and rock before reaching a place of destination, its march became

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or oxalate of lime, or lithic acid, or fat, entangled or included by those well-known

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vascularity of tubercle being a non-essential phenomenon. The obliteration of the

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added to the Pathological Cabinet of the Med. Dept. of Penn. College.

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cedure in the experiments, and reviewing the different preparations now

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of the situation where too few “generalists” and a

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Robert L. MacDonnel, in an interesting paper in the British American Journal of

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outlined the technique of the operation fully, and of subsequent drainage.

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muscles; cheeks flushed; skin hot and dry; thirst urgent; frequent vom-

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metritis and pelvic peritonitis, constant pain in the back, pain while

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cent.; the pulse was below 60 only in five instances, or in 2 '41 per cent, of

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You may rightly ask how I account for this disappearance of pain.

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instruments had been sterilized thoroughly, and I had taken the usual pre-

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have no apology to offer for the bilious fever regions of the interior of the Southern

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habitual intemperance ; and among the cures there were ten of the same class.

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■muco-purulent ov pur if arm matter. If this opinion be well founded, then it would fol-

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of ecchymosis, and favoured the development of uterine hemorrhage, of hemor-

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in the constitution of the blood itself, of which the state of insensibility is but the

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In endeavouring to establish the laws which regulate the phenomena of

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tolerance, glucose tolerance tests should be obtained at three-

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by agitating it with oxygen. In the following experiment, these facts are pretty

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the patient breathes through a tube opening outside the room where the

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freshing, and an expression of countenance indicative of great physical and

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bra and the remainder are found localized to the ex-

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me a traitor in the camp. But it enlarges the scope of the subject, and is

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clothes, lays with his head over the side of the bed, and exhibits that pecu-

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general principles. We reason from analogy in our practice, and aim to

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state? And do we not see the same appearances under other pathological cir-

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solution of common salt, namely, a 0.2 per cent, solution, by itself, espe-

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vice of Dr. Boyer. R. — Sub. mur. hydrag. grs. ij ; cret. ppt. 9j. M. ft.

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tario as follows : " At the recent examinations conducted by the Ontario

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mended by Lanz in No. 9 of the Deutsche Medicinische Wochenschrift of

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