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Throughout the paper, I believed that while the embryon was certainly

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symptoms, the following: — 'A foetid breath, a spongy swelling of the gums which

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many, or all of the organs. He distinguishes it from debility or morbid

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two cases, thirty-one were for the cure of erectile tumours, or arterial varices

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Art. VII.— Case of Doubtful Sex. By S. H. Harris, M. D., of Clarks-

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eruptions, edema, minor menstrual irregularities, nausea and

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unreservedly to attend the members of a lodge for a certain sum of money

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cellent account of indigestion and its attendant ills, and is evidently written by

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It seemed as if the ribs and the intercostal muscles had become consolidated

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way Safety regulations required modification such that

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The urine drawn off by catheter an hour after injection showed blood,

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Upon the whole, however, the weight of evidence is decidedly in opposi-

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the umbilicus, and these after continuing for some hours, subsided most commonly

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ment. He spoke of the ease with which the operation could be done, and

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fifteen minutes to half an hour. In all these instances where the depression of the

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cutting their hair or beards, carrying sticks and wal-

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saline solution (sodium fluorate, two per cent. ; sodium chloride, fifteen

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very intimate acquaintance with the healthy and morbid tissues of the body. To

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some milky serum in the subarachnoid cellular tissue ; no granulations or

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the laryngeal symptoms increased, ulceration too having, as well as could be deter-

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tion therapists, speech therapists, physicists, etc.

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this number, 815 were born in the following months:

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painful. The circulation in the foot subsequent to the injury was much

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ment; mucous follicles throughout very numerous and distinct, the centre

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branches comprised in a complete course of Medical Studies. They are apt to

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will be glad to give him a cordial and hearty welcome if, on future occa-

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disease of the kidneys, as deduced from the observations of Dr. Gregory,

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ration and in the radio-immunoassay technique promise to implement the analysis

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that are put to her; her articulation is indistinct; but the power of deglutition is

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children. Also bowing of the tibiae in children can

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infirmity, in which the inhalation of ether was the detecting agent.

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life, whether we can derive any assistance in diagnosis from a varicose condition

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