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other causes. Convulsions, tossing of the hand about the head, and

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*The President's address before the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Sep-

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inal section. Too many appendages have been needlessly removed, and

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than one-third, 43 per cent., it is over 63 ; whilst in about 2 per cent, it

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fore, severe albuminuria ought to be added to the list of indications for

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in his lectures, to lay great stress upon the importance of position in the treatment

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as to the nature of the disease : — That the inflammafion spreads in the same mode

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present for an imagined future, it always loses the

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eyes, was seized with a bowel complaint on Wednesday, Aug. 1st. The

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ELABORATE preparations are being made in St. John, N.B., for the

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to the professional skill, the personal address and energy, the conscienfiousfideliy,

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old who are rickety, or in markedly rickety children a few years older.

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and (4) ectopic calcification or calcification in tissue

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calculated to reduce the inflammation; but as soon as a disiinct intermis.^ion has

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have been as great or greater, and yet until I first saw him he had been

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(4) oblique palpebral fissures, (5) dysplasia of the

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fect or derangement of innervation lies at the basis of all the morbid phenomena

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fix for it a place in the body. Ubi est morbus ? is the question with which

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attendants either of patency of the cardiac septa or of permanence of the arterial

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Topics to be discussed include: “Selection of Treatment for Head and Neck

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eighteen years of age and probably five feet eight or nine inches high ; and

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and surgeon, in one convenient volume, the essential features of our present

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esting annual report on meteorology and epidemics by Dr. J. W. Moore, and a very

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The nucleated cells peculiar to cancer vary greatly in shape and size. Somefimes

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These were exceedingly variable. In some, symptoms were entirely want-

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could separate the free coloured, the ratio would doubtless be below England, as

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in cases thus antiseptically treated. He cautions against strong applications

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*' the passage respecting Sarsaparilla, because we most cordially concur with Mr.

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tions of coronary atherosclerosis, rather than upon

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current of air between two open doors in his warehouse. On examination

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