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avert it, that the Trustees yielded to his decision to leave the Hospital ; but in do-
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ment of a thorough modern consumptive hospital in High Park, and will
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neuralgia, says (London Lancet, 1844), "the affected nerves, being con-
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majority of those who come from the training schools . . No previous
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or that marked excitement of the vital actions which falls short of inflam-
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surface of the old adhesion or ptyregium will be presented to the raw surface of
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Psychological Association in Philadelphia was in the nature of a broadside
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favorite. In 1876 Tarnier recommended bichloride of mercury, which
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I am disposed to place a different construction upon this matter, as a
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direct action on the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty
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system of nerves, because {a) no cerebro-spinal nerves can be found
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in Russia than in England; the disease in Russia affecting more the outward
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by the exercise of this one would get as near the subject as by following
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morning, he noticed that she had a "skin disease on her body." He did
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are the most capable, by the physicians themselves. The evaluation is most ac-
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ought to assist us materially in arriving at correct conclusions. Fortu-
deca durabolin reviews oral jelly
under the name miasmatic, is full and accurate, and the plan of treatment
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Balfe, B. E. : Distribution of Physicians, Hospitals and Hos-
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produced complete insensibility in a dog, he opened the abdomen, when he ob-
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capillary system. Morgagni, by enquiring into the seat of disease, inaug-
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the fingers from behind the right broad ligament, Douglas' pouch,
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cause; while the irritation of hooping-cough is developed, in the ordinary state of
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Dr. Teskey reported the history of a case where cholecystotomy had
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into the ear, a word is uttered which strikes more forcibly upon the dull
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days, these symptoms gradually disappeared. In No. 18, the patient be-
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treatment in primary affections to be unsubstantiated, though when circumstances
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afterwards. This was the first case in which the experiment was tried ; it was
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the gastric mucosa. He examined the stomachs of three cases of pernicious
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entrance of a small tube into the larynx will be immediately revealed by
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McPheters, Biirwell, the resident physicians of the hospital, for their aid.
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but a short time before they had been of the strongest kind. In some the pains
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