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be in distant parts of the body. If the headache should be a prominent
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dental rupture of a cyst into the vagina, and discharge through that opening; there
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feet of ileum was necrotic: it, along with its segment
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of ecchymosis, and favoured the development of uterine hemorrhage, of hemor-
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done, and three ounces of pus withdrawn. Five days later the process
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utero-vaginal canal with aseptic gauze; The twenty per cent, iodoform
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that the type of the fever changed materially for the worse during the passage
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was sought. An opiate was given to allay pain, and a second visit paid
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fact of headache merely would be empirical and unsatisfactory. It is
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both from a sanitary and scenic point of view, the quarantine station being
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ance, pushing the doses until we get some evidence of their physiological
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medical profession deserves well of the people of Ontario. It has been
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While I exonerate myself from all share in divulging opinions hostile to
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fied and disintegrated, the easier will its ultimate expulsion or extraction prove.
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agrees, it will approve the application and the P.A.
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cially, in the exudation forn^ingthe granulations on ulcers, recent wounds, vegeta-
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the diagnosis of the precise anatomic location of the
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fore took cold on the slightest exposure, or experienced a diarrhoea and
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From Dr. Herpin's [Gazette Medicate, Paris, March, April, May,
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served as Secretary-Treasurer of the American Board
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of the disease such as to disable the strongest individual from retaining the
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protect us more against cold than internal heat. The variations of inter-
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At the recent annual meeting of the College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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explained by the circulation, which keeps up the currents, becoming slower;
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may be often traced to interruption of the sensible or insensible perspira-
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dle and Western about the beginning or middle df June, and continues
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continued unimpaired, until he became comatose, the two days before
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which is recorded by M. Ramaglia of Naples. The patient, aged thirty-
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tive ; in the night she has a strong convulsion lasting several minutes, and affect-
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The Murphy button may be used to advantage on other organs than
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supper, she was seized with symptoms of peritonitis. During the night
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