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by another law of the animal economy, that extreme action is

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think is not unlikely. This appears at once by placing them

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of any other of the simple sensations composing it; and tlie

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of the Science, and their Application to Medicine and Pharmacy. Seventh American edi-

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(nucleoprotein o) it is difficult to make more than a guess — that

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but a special controlling influence over the disease is exerted by none,

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the coloring matter of the blood, and of the biliary acids in the pile-pigment, within


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etc., are attributable, in part at least, to an interruption of the free circu-

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the constitution of the blood is impaired, giving rise to certain ascertained

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Milk meets pre-eminently these requirements. A serious difficulty in the

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although first figured in selachians, it was first described with

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an indispensable drug in the study of the problem of vasomotor

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the size of the fibers would make possible the detection of such.

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The paralysis of the orbicularis oris renders the lips immovable during

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become affected, leading to aphonia ; also, the lips and lingual muscles,

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eruption is wanting. The access is much oftener abrupt, and accompanied

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of its i)athological character does not seem to me to be tenable. The ana-

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Mr. Crampton, exhibited no disease of the larynx after death ;

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Perforation of the intestine is liable to occur in one or more of the

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700 page.>, with 3f4 illustrations: cloth, $3 75.

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(table 12, fig. 1) and in percentage (table 10), while the simpler

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comprehensive, and practical while perspicacious, it

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place in more or less of these tubes ; hence, the hyaline, or waxy casts.

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tion does not protect against varicella, and the latter does not inter-

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must be called to the fact that some other gUa cells in the synapse

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shortening, although the two limbs are exactly the same length,

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of abscess in the breast is scarcely ever met with. It is but right

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considered in each case, and the success of the treatment will depend

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been referred to. These complications are supposed to be due to tlie

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sensory structures,- and they therefore remain organs whose stim-

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larily embrace the consideration of many nffections

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The term nei^vous asthenia may be used to denote a morbid condition

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tion in the muscles. These pass beneath the cutaneous muscle,

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may mention that the portio dura was after an interval of several

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cles of food just named, milk is by far the most valuable as entering into

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