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a very hot day or after a long march. Finally, there are cases in which the


failure is often noticeable in the later years of school life. They keep up with

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Women after Childbirth and Newly-born Children, Pharmacy, G^eral

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nal rectus. The prognosis of diphtheritic paralyses is almost invariably

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after several months; but in many other cases acroparesthesia is a very

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perfectly developed, it may be difficult to determine what disease we have

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cially marked in women. It may, indeed, be this symptom which first directs

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constipation at first, since the reflex mechanism for emptying the rectum is

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every other day. If we would be successful, the treatment must be kept up

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rH6pital Saint Louis ; one course of Diseases of Children at I'Hdspice

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demonstrated. The progress of the disease may, however, be arrested, and the

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-printed on the diploma, which will show in which degree the candidate had

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wide. These slabs are piled on one another, (usually abouf^lx high) ami are tumeo

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Voit tells us that a vigorous man who requires daily 118 gm. of albumen and

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syphilis receives strong confirmation. We can only briefly call attention here

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may show themselves in the course of the disease — stupor, excitement, peculiar-

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that some continuously progressive disease exists, and most probably a cere-

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