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Of hypertrophy of the brain a very imperfect account is given, and quite

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the blood known as aquosity, where the watery parts are positively increased, forming

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of this kind in his lectures. Dr. Wistar, he observes, used to mention the

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the bones, or dislocation of the joint. The tumefaction and subsequent

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tivities monitored for the President by a special three-

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do.”) In a slightly more modern era, this behavior

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he seemed completely prostrated by mental, rather than physical suffering.

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rated with sugar is incapable of holding in solution as much extracted matter as

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what he may possess, and determine how much, if any, originated entirely with

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scrofulous disease, under circumstances in which they and their offspring

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from the pathologic condition as demonstrated, but we are not justified

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that all discharges had disappeared and no other symptoms were present.

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tained five of these patches of Peyer. The mucous membrane covering

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a pale yellow, mottled with red in some points ; minute vessels were seen

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its functions, which it is still doing. It was removed by the ordinary

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In the Journal of Medicine de Paris for April, 1894, is an article upon

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cation of water at a moderate temperature will cause refrigeration, without

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delirium and coma, alternating with consciousness. Next day gangrenous vesicles,

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purulent lymph, and relieved the patient in a permanent manner. By Dr. Lani-

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again after two or three days. This marred the appearance very much,

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strength in the joint between the ulna and humerus, the coronoid and

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Pulse 130 ; small and quick. Sago gruel with port wine. Cold barley water

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