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and are vascular. When the tubera are thus elevated, they can be detected

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Acts of 1866 and 1869, by all means do so, but let us not import into

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seem so remarkable, when we remember that there are many instances recorded

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nostic object, in pressing out the prostatic secretion, a systematic massage

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said regarding the fatality of strangulated hernia, how that, while mortality

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growths for it. But in no case, so far as his experience has yet gone, can the two

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former being indeterminate and indistinctive, the latter more or less rounded, and

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and observations in medicine, extending over upwards of half a century.

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gray, with the exception of an attack of croup at the age of three months.

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others between this coat and the muscularis mucosa. The arrangement of

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Dr. Cameron thought, if there was much organic matter in the stomach,

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extending from the lower edge of the fifth rib as far as the crista of the

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be likely to impress favourably the most recent and hopeful patients, and as few

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any reason for connecting the operation and the subsequent discharge with the

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element was a letter published a few months ago in the same periodical.

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gusta, to discuss the possibility of establishing a State

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the aggregate of whose ages is 14,326, that of their pulses 15,838. The

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several societies, and gets all the doctors ^■•' ml him in consultation;

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evaluable patients — 47 on clindamycin and 52 on erythro-

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College, London. By Thomas Watson, M. D., F. R. C. P., &c. &c. Third

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sance to maintain but so boring in themselves as to

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tion of various portions of bones; all resulting in the

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count was 7,500. The pertinent findings were limited

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black, as were also the faeces. The former had been voided in very small

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clear and accurate — and presents certainly a very fair and distinct outline of the

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by torsion. Ever after this, his water passed without artificial assistance ;

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believes the disease to be the result of a specific contagion, and yet he

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freely inosculating with each other; in other portions the inosculations were

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the injection, and since then he has been completely free from any symptoms of

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is much more hopeful than in pneumonia, although pneumonia, especially

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Lecturer on Therapeutics in the Woman's Medical College ; Surgeon to the Outdoor

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Tupper, of London ; Drs. Osier, of Baltimore ; Marcy, of Boston ; Bray,

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groin of the same individual. Mercurial sores, too, are easily distinguished from

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* Med. Chir. Rev., April, 1842, p. 451. f Ibid., p. 452.

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