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pearance of the luminosity in twenty persons with good and perfect vision, whose
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every effort should be made to continue these activ-
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priate for presenting him with a testimonial of the esteem in which he is
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feeling of gratitude goes to those of you who have told me that you liked them.
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plan recommended to the favourable consideration of the Legislature in their last
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Conference, and it was felt that the success of the
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We cannot enlarge upon this, to us, most attractive topic, illustrations can be bor-
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bership, including the privileges of serving on com-
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beginning carcinoma, a portion of the cervical tissue was excised for
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predisposition to insanity is laid in the temper and moral affections of the indi-
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small amount of ovarian stroma goes a great way. Atlee reports two cases
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organic derangement, the paralysis would appear, as it did in this case, in
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resection of the oviducts, conception and parturition took place.
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cators. The Council is supposed to represent a cross
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dose of one or of two grains with a small quantity of opium may also be em-
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pital, continues its Medical Specialty Assistants Pro-
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Please publish as much of this as you may feel inclined to do.
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and is; all that has made it a blessing and a glory to the commonwealth, and a
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if the symptoms did not cease at once by local or other treatment the
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to insure that the patient with polycythemia vera is i
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Lecturer on Therapeutics in the Woman's Medical College ; Surgeon to the Outdoor
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1st. A fibrous mesh-work or stroma; 2dly, Nucleated cells; 3dly, A viscous fluid
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In the Lancet for April 7, Mr. W. Arbuthnot Lane, assistant surgeon
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in protoporphyrins.® Only one fatal case has been re-
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Lebert believes it never occurs. Paulsen describes it as tubercular erosion
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more freely in proportion as the heat is farther advanced above the natural
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beck and call, and also the help of those at home who manned the fort in taking
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with barely a trace of albumin, and, if under such physical conditions the
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formed in patients beyond the age of 70 years, or in
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future and more correct observation. The exciting causes are stated by
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doing so is creditable to his love of truth. Indeed, the cases which we have seen
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report most favourably of it, and ultimately to assure the medical public of its
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for example, a person may be carefully dieted, and allowed to drink only
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At the annual meeting of the Association of Railway Surgeons held in
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