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ing agents, as it corresponds to manganese heptoxide MnaO^. Now,

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rhage is "always and necessarily symptomatic;" nor does he consider

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times during the day; pulse 120; not much restlessness; headache gone;

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The former condition, or carcinoma, apparently from mere local causes,

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physician who is experienced in the medical treat- ■

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Case 2. J. McK. consulted me June 18, 1893. He noticed that

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Treatment consisted of a calomel purge, repeated after an interval of

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justify inconsiderate manners on fake moral grounds.

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plication of albuminuria is eclampsia. Most of the subjects of puerperal convul-

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remained in one of the cases for two years, and in the other for the remainder of

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the mind, before unaccustomed to restraint.” Conol-

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to date, and complete. What the general practitioner most requires is to be

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The American Public Health Association will hold its twenty-second meet-

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ation. There is no time better than the present for building a trunk sewer,

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ject in the Sydenham Society's edition of Simon's Animal Chemistry, which, with

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and uterus were all fixed. In some cases diagnosis was very difificult. The

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felt, which, on being cut into, were found to consist of crude tuberculous matter.

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plete obstruction of the ileum there is always indican in the urine. In

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close to the tubing with flat scissors. The elastic pressure exerted by the

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From that part of the report which is devoted to moral treatment, we make the

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the separation of the precipitates, and a proper degree of evaporation, crystals of

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although brief, emphatically shows that the disease of which they died was an.

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Paine {Albany Medical Annals) refers to the paroxysms of choking and

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