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by potash and Fenwick method with potash and boiling as to results.
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by a temperature peculiar to each organism), disease must consist in a
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or three days after the operation; and notwithstanding all the means made use of
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and parallel with Poupart's ligament, commencing opposite the anterior
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Gerhard has detailed a number of cases of cerebral diseases, and his analy-
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towards its extremity, and so to render it conical.
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lature should explain the law referred to: as it stands, in the Statute Book, it is
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reduced obese (ID) subjects. Obese I subjects generally
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las. He infers, therefore, that there must be something which predis-
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various institutions reveals the fact that the majority are in favor of the adop-
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a character little less than specific has been assigned — but we believe that the
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layers ot the germinal membrane forming the yolk-sac or umbilical vesicle;
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articulations, the improbable occurrence of which led all authors to deny the pos-
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Staples, and Taylor, the cervical vertebrae were exposed from the third to
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vomiting often ensues. Attention during the first year should be paid to the
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body, while the entire vascular system is pliant and dilatable, and is still capable
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of the attack, no matter how high the febrile excitement may be, and when
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within the pattern of the tremendous inerease in lung cancer and to see an increase
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all matters brought to it on appeal from the district
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metrical and astonishing. In several medical school
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McLennan as national administrator for the establish-
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staff, and in my opinion has fulfilled the fondest hopes
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better than it had been for several years previous.
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dilatable structure, and, after the plug was inserted, there was danger of
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essayist then spoke of the different forms of this trouble. In the first case
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useless.®* However, d-penicillamine-- and cholesty- \
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colleges and universities are sources of pride. We have added a new hospital and
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proverbial for its healthfulness. The following table is constructed for the
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If, then, this is true, if cretin is a term which will admit of such wide
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ous influence, by exciting cutaneous reaction, and diminishing the primary
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Art. XXII. — On Diseases of the Skin. By Erasmus Wilson, F. R. S., Consulting
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premonitory symptoms; it commenced with lassitude, rigors so severe as to shake
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Return of pulsation iyi the tumour after the application of the ligature.
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'• Moreover," Dr. G. adds, "the fatty state of the liver is not constant in tubercu-
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as well as possible antidiabetic therapy, both frag-

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