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to the duties of his office." "The salary will be £4U0 per
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injuring the ovaries or tubes. Such an operation would com-
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On looking to the right, tlie patient's right eye can only be moved a little
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a child may complain of severe pain on the inner aspect of the knee,
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Vertigo is a frequent symptom in diseases of the pons varolii. Thus
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Doctors in Medicine.— H. M. Fletcher, M. A.. Trin.; T. H. A. Chaplin.
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The Chairman : Was that in Ireland 'i—lso ; we have nothing
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are always in relation with the same class of nerves supplying the tis-
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the specific relations of this vital element to the whole body. In
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NicKE, Director of the Policlinic for Nervous Diseases, etc.,
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After some remarks from Dr. Eussbll, Mr. Lawson, and
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suicide, and then attempt suicide. Such persons were
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large body of midwives who were very frequently employed
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terrified her with a sense of impending death that she sent for me.
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cirrhosis which supervenes upon long-standing occlusion of the common
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department;" " teacher in a Board school ;' "hairdresser;"
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an editorial note, "intended to give to the graduates of the
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disease, the intense inflammatory reaction stirred up by the
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In those cases that follow operations with the use of anesthetics
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especially at the evening meals. As the body must have nitrogenous
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ated. In bronchitis the ribs are large and broad; in phthisis, small
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