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disappeared, a crepitous r&le was heard over the whole lower lobe

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CO Syphilitic, Scrofulous and Cutaneous Diseases, Dysmenorrhea, CO

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Dr. Coates's successful case of glass-wound of the abdomen,

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system, by Robert t. Edes, M.D. Trans. N. Y. Acad, of Med., 1869.

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MALTOSE is a saccharose, not a glucose, and is a form of sugar which does not ferment.

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in abundance, numbering over TOOO to the cubic inch.* These were the

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sometimes afford relief. H3'podermic injections of a solution of morphia,

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glands and follicles are generally and primarily involved. It does not

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but it will suffice to consider them in treating of the individual diseases

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funeral from his late residence, on Thursday morning next.

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especially on the right side, due to the movement of the blood in the veins,

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place scarcely inferior to that of therapeutics. Many diseases are pre-

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aooo Periscope Articles, carefully selected and condensed, and representing

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chohemia, in which the bile appears to exert an intensely noxious influence

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carried out. Of the six fatal cases in which no autopsy was made, three

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sausage meat, which has produced such extensive mischief in

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persons and those affected with disease of the heart, chronic bronchitis is

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noted cases of anaemia, with murmurs, in none was there any sign of

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croup wliich is attended with danger, renders it the only one liable to be

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depends embraces, in the first place, measures to prevent an increase of

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The existence of a constitutional state in children, called the scrofulous

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never occurred to Dr. L. to find one, but he has been told that

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had been an increase of the pain and swelling in the fingers

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man admitted with acute rheumatism, in the course of which disease

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