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sition that an abscess of the liver existed. At this time the patient was
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Chicago Post-graduate Medical School. Author of " Bright's Disease
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We have no desire to offend the feelings of Dr. Sangster or any other
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potency ; but, according to homeopathic professors, the homeopathic
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10 years of age, and those on the " vaccinated " on the population under 10
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16. Fusaro, Ramon M. and Runge, Walter J.: Erythro-
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trary, there are many probabilities against it. Among other examples, the author
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addition, each patient had at least three of the fol-
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buted to irritation, or chronic inflammation, which has not been subdued, but
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which Dr. J. places much dependence for accomplishing the cure of the
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vided, and as a means of evaluating the quality of that
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ber he had resolved to try homeopathy, and had continued to do so until
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tubercle of the humerus, thus annulling the action upon the humerus of the supra-
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interfere with the subsequent function of the glands. The swollen glands
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almost every disease ; but his most striking success was in an epidemic of
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tralblati f. d. vied. IViss., 1894. No. 19, p. 335) have reported the
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The more puzzling of the regulations have been those referring to the posting
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on the anterior portion of the prostate gland. There was also an opening,
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^'- At present, we find many objections, attributable perhaps to our ignorance of its
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proved than deteriorated. It was also described as being a certain specific against
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do not speak, though it is probably very frequently the crisis of the water
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Case 6. R., aet. 24 years. This case presented features resembling
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various directions, the hope has been encouraged, that it is given to every
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“. . . the undersigned hereby releases and forever discharges Jack Boling, Harold
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to must be waived. We may, however, be permitted to remark in regard
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overactivity of enzymes 7 and 9, due to a shift of the
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of the clavicle are consistent with bone changes due
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