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Renzi's turkey serum, with recovery. In October, 1898,

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rounded then by a moss splint which adapts itself to the foot

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has just adjourned. It provides for the registration

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promptly that the projecting mass was practically the entire

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Councils for the purpose of urging the speedy removal of the

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wrote his *Eepertorium Augenarztlicher Heilmittel,' no

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which conditions may be congenital, or brought about or ag-

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matory effusions and inflammatory thickenings is con-

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served as a recruiting agent in Livingston County during the

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10. A Case of Acute Poliomyelitis Anterior in a Youth of 18

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committee who had no interest in or understanding of

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to the muscles in the other. In the latter case the rheumatism

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Base of the Skull ; Annals of Surg., vol. xvlil, p. 460.

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tary. The answer should have stated that the names given were

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carbohydrates. This case is another demonstration of the possi-

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nature of the nodules. In Sheldon's" case the peri-

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the books will be available for the study of any regular physi-

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lines of treatment will be answered in these columns.]

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the Heart, with Postmortem Verifications. George M. Con-

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ago (St. Louis, 1886) a committee was appointed for

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public laboratories is pointed out from the fact that the pres-

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William D. Crosby, major and surgeon, U. S. A., member of a

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then pushed up into the canula, which opens the forceps. When

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a week is sufllcient. Cretinism is a condition treated' on much

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being out of danger in forty-eight hours. Where such cases

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been placed at the disposal of the board so that research

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desperate and malignant cases there is found neither albumin

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on the recent graduate, make the application general,

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care of a case of confinement in the regular order of

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gangrenous at this level, a second operation of dis-

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suppose that it exerts its influence through the nervous system

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molecules, i. e., elimination in the ordinary sense, points

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