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In the mild forms of the disease the great value of rigid diet is gener-
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the Johns Hopkins University. Reprinted from the New York Medical
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grave ; W. J. Anderson, Shanley ; J. R. Allen, Napanee ; D. J. Armour, Cobourg ;.
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no deaths in the period stated among " r^vaccinated " persons. We fail to see,
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brought back within the pale of humanity, and receiving that kindness
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the rich, bloated arrogant treacherous forces of Evil
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is, nevertheless, not a whit inferior to your own. Are our tender solicitude
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since there are few or no subjective symptoms, and the eruption disap-
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Stomach washing was first recommended in intestinal obstruction by
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generally not recommended, if combination therapy with other
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The Arabians, notwithstanding the strict language of the Koran, paid
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very high temperature which was not explained, inasmuch as not even
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A NOVEL and ingenious criticism of the therapeutic value of home-
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of no weight in the sense in which it is attempted to use it. Besides, the number
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sixty grains a day. There is this general agreement on the administration of the
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bracing a period from 1828 to 1845. In one of his comments, he makes the fol-
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These are facts, and facts in medicine — facts which are truths. But
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used as the basis of the representation. Among those to which we would invite
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On arriving at Boa Vista, Mr. Kenny, an English surgeon, proceeded,
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removed by fiUration, and the liquid evaporated to crystallization. In this way,
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a pair of twins, a male, weighing seven pounds and three quarters; and
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measures. This factor is apt, to some extent, to be overlooked just now
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