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communicating with their fellow beings, and restored to the enjoyments

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per cent, of all cases were due to eye-strain. Treatment must be directed

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gation at Porto Sal Rey, Rabil, Eslacia, as well as the eastern villages, to

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then the proposition relative to the induction of premature labor could be

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Five drops of this pure oil were administered to a rabbit, and no effect being

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consciousness are beginning to manifest themselves.

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which does away with the usual troublesome after-treatment in these cases

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of violent hemorrhage arising from ulcerations towards the middle of the

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In a summary of the symptoms of this very fatal condition. Dr. Davis

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Whether the facial paralysis was the result of cerebral congestion, or

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Kingston, of Stirling. Dr. McCullough is leaving for New York, where he will

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F. A, Scott ; the ist Second Year's Scholarship, $50, J, R. McRae ; the 2nd Second

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peculiarities of their temperament and constitution. This is more important, per-

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cause any undue irritation to the edges. He advocated removal even up

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of air in the veins. In these cases it has been known that the cause of

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Many of the arguments thus far advanced are, to a certain extent,

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this case. You may suddenly have a pain of a different kind, and deeper-seated,

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for exception on the basis of serious hardship or gross inequity, and must convince

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of the urine might be made. The quantity passed varied between 40 and

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amputation at the joint, even were there a sufficiency of integument to form

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the processing of applications for exceptions. An ap-

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the law," " dishonesty," " untruthfulness," " fraud," and a few other some-

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many years been a member of this association in vain.

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