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rial effect in this case. Quere. Would the symptoms of inflammation

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practicable. He has seen also the albumen in renal dropsy diminish under the

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the prostaglandins in recent years with considerable resultant publicity in the lay

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has no inclination for active pursuits; he is subject to giddiness and forgetful n ess,

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this in the structure of nerve fibre. A fatty organization is the sheath or

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and then he goes to doctor No. 3 and gets a bottle, which he takes himself.

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the throat and stomach, cramps in the limbs, and violent vomiting and purging.

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individuals holding degrees of Doctors of Medicine;

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55.3 pages. Cloth, $3 net. Philadelphia : The P. A. Davis Co., Publish-

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lymph clots, but frequent and prolonged irrigations tend to retard recovery.

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It was thought that a thorough application of cocaine (ten per cent, solu-

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is curative, but, on the contrary, it often handicaps the heroic efforts of

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protest a^inst the position assumed in the report before us, that, under

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which I have had in its employment in the Lock Hospital, I should say that far more

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Head. — But little blood exterior to dura mater ; the longitudinal sinus

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With reference to Mr. Wharton Jones'* history of a-n ovum, which Dr,

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the perfect set of circumstances for the development

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renders the liability to metastasis greater. — Provincial Med. and Surg. Journal.^

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P. Jervey. S. C; Wm.T. Wragg, S. C; Robert Bridges, Phila.; Wm. Power, Bait.;

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The profuse ingurgitations of cold water, as practised at Grafenberg,

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legiances. Loyalty is the cement of a soeial system,

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ment in the patients' appetites, some being constantly hungry. The

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the patient recovermg and obtammg entire relief from pain. The author

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