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but one answer can be returned to this query ; and are happy to find that
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it is possible to maintain its borders in apposifion, without too great a stretching
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was thrown unnaturally forward. He complained of severe pain on
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for this condition much less frequent than formerly. If the obstruction is
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sion ? And because they contract with a physician at a stated salary, shall
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containing 27.5 per cent, and 50 per cent, of albumen in the dry sub-
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But besides this pressure and anaemia of the tissues, temperature plays a
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its comparative brevity, requiring only a few hours. — Revue Internationale.
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It is an old and well-founded opinion, that it is dangerous to treat gout
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answer, while the Japs fortified all the approaches to the capital, and a
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Uranalysis and thermometry are very important from beginning to end
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Dr. H. a. Bruce (Tor., '92) has returned to Toronto, after spending a
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easy ; operation should be done early ; strict antisepsis should be em-
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It is in this stop-gap fashion that we physicians of today can increase the cure
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for implementation; and support for it was expressed
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formation to the computer that is now under operation
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diameter. These corpuscles are generally of a somewhat yellowish colour, and
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of a place of confinement, looking more like a boarding-house, or private resi-
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contracted markedly on throwing the light on the left half of the retina.
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character, so far, at least, as they present the data for positive deductions :
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our acquaintance with the general pathology of scrofula, we cannot concede to Dr.
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Though angina has trequentl}' been found in connection with organic disease of
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from the body, which tainted the room and drove the Doctor and his attend-
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Hospital for Children, Atlanta, will participate in a
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in the pathology of the entire renal osteodystrophy
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made it possible, by his rapid method, to treat many cases who could
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who lived on an exclusive beef diet, were generous, self-composed, and not in

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