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polydipsia, polyuria, pruritis. It is hopeful that with

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been no motion of the bowels since the 29th, she took a dose of the solution

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Heart," R. A. H. MacKeen, Cow Bay, Cape Breton, N.S. ; "Address in

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In conclusion, we must express our regret that our limited time and

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excellent results. For diet, a mixed one, in which vegetables form a large

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Such was the origin of this singular and unique institution.

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ing effects are produced more speedily, and with much less pain and trouble to

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13. The following extract, from the second annual report of the commissioners

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employed it with digitalis with good success, but he had not given the

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effected, and it was impossible to perceive where the operation had been per-

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of an excess of sulphur, unlimited quantities of cyanide of ammonium into sul-

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liable to the disease than those who had not, yet it would appear that a person

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along the triceps muscle to within five or six inches of the elbow-joint ; a

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There is a perpetual antagonism between the powers of assimilation and

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should pronounce it to be one marked by great accuracy, and plain but

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This is rapidly augmented, and the poisoning becomes more severe. If,

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(10) Alcohol in small doses has little or no effect on the respiratory

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injurious to the healthy tone of the digestive organs, but in reference to the colon

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iiio: and swelling, that there is no danger that anything short of a great exertion

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the Rules Committee reversed itself and voted to put

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person, J found the mons veneris covered in the usual way; an imperforate

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and the original medicine uniformly divided, the proportion of the

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was called, who administered extreme unction, declared her almost dead,

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insisted on, that insanity is curable in proportion to the early period at which it is

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appointed Professor of Pathology in Glasgow University.

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glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; Biochim. et

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necessary to examine what are the difficulties to be overcome in the healing of

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^^Palpitation — Dyspnma. — In few of the cases which I have met with were pal-

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once met with obliteration of the vas deferens, when it extended from the com-

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