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I feel strongly that additional benefits are inherent.
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is said to have a ^'marked effect.''^ Syme§ has also met with albuminous
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year's experience. Schools, with occasional exhibitions, the acting of original
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sale leading to this use, is now illegal in most coun-
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ress with their bill than ever before. The bill spon-
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sion of the abscess on the external surface of the cartilage cannot be explained by
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^' It has been considered that the spring is the season of the year at which scro-
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created by the toil of farmers was not large. These
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furuncle ; or that the characteristics of one predominate, while those of
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4. Silverstein, Murray N. and Lanier, Ann P.: Polycy-
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Despairing of seeing the delivery accomplished without instrumental aid,
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To consider it as in itself the disease, is to take a mere sign for a substance.
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coffee. What are termed fly, or bees' wings, are now observed in the mat-
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Needle Work — Second Prize — Dr. J. Benham Stew-
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small joints were red and swollen, or where fluid was deposited in the joint of the
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tion of other forms of created life, though we grant that no scruple
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this lower floor is close, hot, and miserably ventilated."
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the elders to complain about the youngsters. For ex-
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Friday, 81s/. — Pulse 96, and other symptoms improving. As there had
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G. S. MacCarthy, J. McCrae, J. T. McLaren, J. A. McLaughlin, C M. McLean, L.
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Hugh A. Johnston did not appear on the list, although he had previously
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delphia in the cars for Harrisburg, where he remained until the adjourn-
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many individual specialists, particularly in internal
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symptoms indicating very severe appendicitis, yet there was no abscess
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extremity, where it has a slate-coloured appearance; mucous membrane

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