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trolled polycythemia carries a 25 per cent mortality |

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particular point. What should a physician do? If he has treated the victim of an

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no similar law to require an insurance company to pay

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disease ; but in the severe forms a pure animal diet is directly injurious.

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coagulum of blood. Dark-coloured blood is frequently met with at the

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tion — were not slow to act upon it, with the result that, for a few spasmodic

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spring, or that she was even aware of its death. As to the charge of concealment,

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moral character of those in whom insanity has been induced by the gratification

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and by reversing this movement it facilitated greatly the dissection from the

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"Among the numerous writers on ovarian disease, such as Morgagni, Cruveil-

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contraction. However, notwithstanding that, M. Malgaigne's opinion, as to the

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sent insuperable obstacles to the attainment of a mathematical theory of their

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blood-vessels, and an investing epithelium. These convoluted vessels do not

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'• 2d. The ultimate analyses which have been made can lead to no very definite

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his nervous system. The operation may then be proceeded with without any fear

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ing; but this vice is not one generally committed by

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return to health is unusually rapid. The introduction of the poison into

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In considering the treatment of this condition. Dr. Clarence Rice

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there was no sore throat, no fever, and no increase in the pulse rate. A soap

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The embryo, as it develops in its new situation, becomes thickened at

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operation in 19 per cent, of the cases, but where it was done as a secondary the

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and a solitary blanket laid on the ground : and many were destitute of even this

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cases now, inasmuch as there are more operations done on the intestines.

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formance of any operation; — and in some, — hernia and lithotomy, for instance,

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The 2d day she took the pills, and the 8d, salts again. The inflammation

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of acid. In the second part of the process, part of the free citric acid is saturated

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of her last child until the present, without once becoming pregnant. The

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nosis. Coma is met with in cases which afterwards make a good recovery.

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