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we have been able to gather from the report before us, of the character of
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ed the surprising fact that solutions of 1-5000 in water were able, within the
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at which the inhalation was performed was soon after dinner; I presume, there-
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Experiment 1. I took 100 berries from the stems (they weighed a little
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ments of the stomach and digestion are interrupted by the simultaneous section of both
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treatment consisted in the employment of massage and passive movement.
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confectioners are allowed to use only gold and silver, as metallic ornaments to
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" Fourteenth day. Wound in the neck entirely closed, with the exception of a
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— that it was not opened more than two or three lines — and that the presenting
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he had held communication with the spirits of his forefathers. He appeared very
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"No experiment in the way of combining profitable instruction, mental employ-
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Made to the Legislature, April 24th, 1847. Albany, 1847. (From Dr, T. R.
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these cases, while the lungs are either badly developed and imperfectly expanded,
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are builded to the surface from the rock bed deep down on which they
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tic hypertrophy, accompanied by urethral stricture, cystitis, and severe
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Art. XVI. — Fifth Amiual Report to the Legislature relating to the Registry and Returns
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The Cystoscope. By Howard A. Kelly, M..D., Professor of Gynaecology and
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as one likely to be followed by the most injurious consequences in practice.
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4th. Surgeons differ in opinion as to the exact point at which inhalation should
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was found to be strongly adherent to the dura mater, much more so than
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water, or water and vinegar; wash them well, and the skin will never suffer.
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have, certainly, met with a number of cases of bilious fever in Philadelphia,
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training and for ambulance purchase. These facts were
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much higher, probably at least 10 per cent, at other centers. This mortality rate
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a wish for its extension, fostered by the visitations of European naturalists. The
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occurred on the seventeenth day. The bronchial glands were unaffected.
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Besides protecting the soil from the rays of the sun, and thus moderating the tem-
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mother nor the child is any the worse from the employment of this remedy, but,
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faradization of the stomach walls. He showed Einhorn's button, which the

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