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with other organs. These variations in histologic anatomy relate to
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farinaceous and vegetable food. In the functional, the patient generally finds
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cial progress, less highly motivated individuals are
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Anatomy and Physiology, and Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy in the
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stomach in a woman aged thirty-seven years. The submucosa was con-
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and that one of these portable destructors is capable of replacing fifteen of
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occur early and form a sign, a warning. The author has observed this
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cases where an operation is necessary. As the surgeon, so also does the operat-
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thirteenths of an inch. M. Gintrac would reject the notion as impossible, that the
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tional personnel hired, and the time lag is now back to
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such as have an internal deposit, each with a peculiar structural arrangement
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likely to be different from those of philosophers and
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dangerous properties. In mentioning the case of my patient to a medical man,
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patient may have pulmonary function studies similar
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particular organ. Nothing is more common than the occurrence of this condition,
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Delirious at times, and very weak. He died on the 3rd.
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the removal of cuticle, to be dressed with very weak iodine ointment.
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to eye on certain subjects with those of us who look at such things from
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The diseases of the skin form the subject of the second subsection. The
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lymph. A yellow serous effusion sometimes exists beneath the arachnoid.
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sent insuperable obstacles to the attainment of a mathematical theory of their
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M.D., (of Gettysburg, Pa.): Prof, of Surgery in Medical Department
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By all means, if the doctor feels it his duty to engage in the home-
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with ether and held over the mouth and nose, answers perfectly well.
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tive to a Report on the Fever at Bod Vista, by Dr. Mc William. Pre-
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between the pneumogastric and the chief central nerves, especially the
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the body, noticed as existing in cases of typhus fever, was appreciable in
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and so menacing and what we can do about it,” he said.

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