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In the February and May numbers of the American Journal of Medical
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7th. Membrane on both tonsils, uvula, and palate. Glands at angles of
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examples of phlyctenulse, ophthalmia, prurigo, rickets, &c., and frequent cases of
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PERMIT me to here formally express my appreciation of the honor
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The mere flow of perspiration does not cool, there is necessary an ante-
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nor those of Canada reason to find fault, for eighteen papers were read
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that he himself has not the manliness to prefer ? Does Dr. Bibby know
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formed membrane — the decidua vera — before it, and so inverting a portion of it,
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once per minute. Continuously direct observation of
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this year with the Hospital Activities Committee. j:
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then nourished through the suckers and produces the segments, when
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to prevent, namely, the further deposition of tubercles or tuberculous mat-
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is reduced to about the freezing point, low enough to cause complete
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neck, and of the condyles of the humerus, as well as of the condyles of the femur,
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time being twenty-two. He is now ninety-four years of age, and is enjoying
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his feet on the stove-lid, and wrapped a cotton sheet around his body and
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vances made in our knowledge of the diseases of the heart during the past twenty
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much advanced interstitial gastritis, with much atrophy of the glands.
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A few pains succeeded the examination and were found to partake but
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opathic attenuations of high potency is contributed by Professor
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with gas, and pale, except a portion of small intestine, afterwards found
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edema occurred, even in apparently chronic cases. He knew of one case
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the arrival of a vessel with an unhealthy crew, — the disease infecting

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