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From the pages of the work before us, a very good general idea of physiology
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That yellow fever is not produced by the action of marsh miasmata,
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Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Toronto ; Obstetrician to
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of I gramme of cocaine to 10,000 or 5,000 grammes of this solution facili-
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ease, which we regard as being perfectly distinct: these are, first Scrofula,
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(PGE and PGF) and a third important derivative (PGA) differ only in the oxy-
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entrance of a small tube into the larynx will be immediately revealed by
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first is that in which high inflammatory excitement is present. That this is unfa-
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condition, it was found that they passed over, around or under the tumour
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It may be well to inform the president and council that, if they intend
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Art. XII. — On the Pathology and Treatment of Scrofula ; being the Fothergillian Prize
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Division, which comprised the North Riding of the County of York,
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cancerous, has barely removed the indurated structure, and thus been enabled to
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the patient is obese and will tax the capabilities of
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The mouth of the patient was of enormous siza, to which alone I was
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extends some distance above and below the knee. Continue belladonna
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ever, to the diseases mentioned, and it was to these that my attention was
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at the end of two weeks of pregnancy. There was intense vomiting, with
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This hernia is most probably more frequent in females, owing to the greater size
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Each of these subcommittees is further divided into
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ing freely, and then the uterus was incised. The presentation was pelvic ;
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Here, then, was our poshion. A case was before us in which we knew that ordi-
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in animals and there was no evidence of propensity for harm to the fetus.
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uterus with the appendages is much greater than when the latter are alone
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99.2° ; respiration continued difficult, but the patient was less restless, and
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have reason to believe this too high, say 100° or 102°. Hence it is that
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diet in severe forms of diabetes. He also draws attention to the danger
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