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longer of service in the system, or has become excrementitious.

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H. Prather, Jr., Cecil A. White, Jr., Ronald F. Gallo-

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site side and the vertebrals. But the notion that epilepsy is essentially

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boric acid, put on a pad of absorbent cotton, gave the patient one grain of

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creating a monopoly for the medical profession, or erected insuperable

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(4) The resultant product is a brown-black, clear tincture, which, upon

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complaint, occurred in a female who had taken a poisonous dose of that antimo-

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of the absorbents or to increased secretion, this process would, a priori,

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On. the post-mortem examination, small tumours were observed, connected

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attention. He referred to the history of medicine in the past, gave an idea

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muscular coat converts the vomiting into a mere act of regurgitation.

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a shade paler; tissue quite free, not engorged; the two substances distinct;

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strongly marked colours: such, for example, are the resinous substances, and

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the former case was had recourse to; the bon-es were bored with a gimlet, small

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confinement to bed or bed-room, and even, if the weather be fine, allow exercise

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record, urine very high-coloured ; face pallid ; tongue brown, cracked, dry

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Foundation — Authorized foundation development of

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inches. The upper portion was invaginated into the lower, the entire

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chloroform narcosis to reduce the irritability of the heart ganglia and nerve

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Visited patient daily, until 29th, during which there was improvement

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or three in mulattoes ; although there is a greater number of unacclimated negroes

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it is now below her towns taken apart from the country. Freedom and climate

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85. Ether Inhalation in Tetanus. — Dr. W. H. Ranking, of Norwich, relates, in the

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