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with the use of calomel in very small doses, combined with ipecac, or Do-

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that the abnormal choreal movements and the inflammation of the serous mem-

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has been advised to apply leeches to the anus, and this may occasionally

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or, as Heberden has expressed it, "Hydrops non tam ipse morbus est qnam alicujus

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and removal of a portion of the prostate, with very gratifying results. He

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the destruction of the arch of the skull. I am not aware that with any proposed

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cannot be too much reprobated. Just in proportion to the good they are capable

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tinuation of the trend and in proportion to the rate

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satisfactorily established, seems to prove that the conclusion of law concurred

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the muscles is explained; and now that we know that in a great part of the ani-

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purplish colour ; fingers incurvated ; slight rigidity ; no oedema of either

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infusion of congested spleen or of venous blood of a congested spleen to

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some twenty minutes, but without any considerable pain to the patient,

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was 60, and regular; injeliect clear ; answers naturally ; no headache; some heat

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* Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Di-

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of the finger, which depression was hardly perceptible on the right side, A truss,

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ing such competent publishers, who have turned out a really beautiful book.

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In view of their ubiquitous distribution, rapid metabolism and diverse activity,

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\ Graefenberg; or, a true report of the Water Cure. By R. H. Graham, M.D.

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ered. It is also usually more eccentrically located.

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During our experimental stage, we envision a sample of interested hospitals as

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so plainly true, and the question of personal equation must so necessarily

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that it owes this peculiarity, not to the character of the cause, but to some un-

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the March Council agenda include a discussion of the

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false-positive tests for urine albumin have been reported.

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the cough, w^hich existed during the measles, having never altogether ceased.

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pleasures on the day preceding our expression. Through this indulgence

buy emollient cream mustela stelatopia

cases, also, the bowels may move several times after the pain begins, so

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