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and will probably be opened the ensuing autumn. P. E.

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the following case briefly, as contained in the Gazette des Hopitaux: — It occurred

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shghtly constricted ; this was its principal feature, no vascularity being per-

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5. Rooms will not be ready for occupancy until 2:00 p.m. on day of arrival. Check-out time is 1:00 p.m. on your departure

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From this time until 9 P. M. the pains continued very feeble, not occur-

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pears to produce effective uterine contractions of a physiological type without del-

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is exceedingly troublesome, as it is necessary to prepare it fresh every day, and the

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local anaesthesia, I must, from the standpoint of humanity, denounce as

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long remain in contact with the end of the stump; the open spaces left between

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Managers of the University Hospital the director was authorized to set aside

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symptoms continue, leeches in small numbers may be applied to the tem-

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fibrin of the blood favours hemorrhage, we have a plausible explanation of the

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unchanged state for a long period. It is only after a considerable time that they

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nary attacks and highway accidents, utilizing around-

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application of salicylic acid to the affected joint very effective, and recom-

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concluded a valuable series of observations on albuminuria associated

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ings of the Conventions held last year in New York, and the present one in Phila-

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Excessive plasma protoporphyrins appear more likely to be associated with photosensitivity than does Rbc protopor-

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raising and keeping raised the interauricular valve, which is thin and floating, it

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"These then are the circumstances necessary for seeing the luminosity, a.

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cseperat febris, aqiiam frigidam potui dabat ; ac si moverat sudorem expli-

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parathyroid responsiveness in vitamin D deficient rats by

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throat on both sides during the bleeding. I gargled my throat with tinc-

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even as high up as the ligature, which was placed one-fourth of an inch below the bifurcation.

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the disease seems to indicate that the quality of the marks has more signifi-

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undoubtedly, more severe than abdominal section. It only lasts, however,

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i.e., two grammes per litre. At first the violet color quickly disappeared,

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Five days later he was attacked by haemorrhage. I will quote his own

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ment in such cases. Here we have to deal with pains which are inflicted from

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