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should be so regulated as gradually to accustom the bronchial tubes to the vapour.

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wish, my paper has become suggestive rather than exhaustive.

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female breast as early as possible, whatever be their nature. No one practitioner

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a dark room, the luminosity may be seen when the pupil is tolerably dilated, the

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until insensibility was complete. From that moment he was enabled to intro-

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cases, also, the bowels may move several times after the pain begins, so

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performance of a requisite operation-rr-as in cases of turning, or of incarcerated

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confused sounds, as of rumbling, or rolling, and the like. In one case

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distinct in their nature. As these differ as much among themselves as they do

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primary when an individual patient identifies a spe-

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attacks mainly women who are pregnant for the first time, and he points

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In this newly, and only partly explored province, though our knowledge

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and equitable. The regulations provide for an applica-

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the potato from the dietary of the poor ; and it is equally clear that a diet of bread,

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from Peru. The raontanas of Huanuco, which once furnished all the apothecaries

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ing for them and in attempting to relate them to my

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Art. XXII. — On Diseases of the Skin. By Erasmus Wilson, F. R. S., Consulting

cardiopril 5 mg jarabe

gratuitously informed by Dr. Bibby that they (the doctors) do so " because

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jepresent a large portion of the electorate, and it seems a matter of justice

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