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much more soluble. This difference is nearly in the proportion of three to one at
cardace h 2.5 tablets mg
occurred during birth. In some this bleeding was severe enough to
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The following has given brilliant results to the author :
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becomes slower. At ordinary temperatures there is but little reaction,
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congratulation. Drs. McLaughlin and Shaw, having been representatives
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Should the unfortunate results of all these cases prevent a resort to the
cardace h 2.5 pill
costiveness, diarrhoea from atony of the intestines, and cholera — in dysen-
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ized. If they will carefully study the attitude of the medical profession, we
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one case of carcinomatous disease. He had examined the contents of
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along the w^hole course of the large intestines; the mucous coat was not anywhere
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be held in Atlanta, and our committee was able to as-
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Greek practitioners. There is an incidental proof in Lindley-s "Introduction to
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Richard Winkelmann, M.D., Rochester, Minn. — Dermatol-

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