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Resolution 72-5: Attorney General’s Ruling on Po-

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of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who will talk on “The Meaning and

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point Magazine, at the Cobb County Medical Society’s Symposium

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A woman, 30 years of age, Ill-para, family history negative. In 1878

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With approval of the House, again this year those re-

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and surgeon, in one convenient volume, the essential features of our present

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first night the patient seldom loses sleep, and he eats well.

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In the primary list of the U. S. Pharmacopcsia, one hundred and sixty-three articles,

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98: 112: 80: 104: 128: 112: 100: 116: 105: 120: 124: 112: 140:

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was agreed that cases got well without operation ; and also with operation.

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condition constitutes the chlorosis of nosologists, a very excellent account

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upon various portions of the surface, were quite a number of vesicles, filled

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bited that the bond is further cemented, by the discovery of an alkaloid principle

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pain pai’tially relieved with contralateral anterior

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amount of misery may be relieved in this our fallen world, by the establishment

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de Vienne, et de la Societe Physico-medicale d'Erlangen."

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laws, it is not likely that changes would become ef-

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reported 31 cases of intestinal obstruction with 5 deaths due to this com-

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tact with the foul ulcerated surface for an hour or two, sufficient destruc-

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J.C., aged 3 years, was admitted at 2 p.m. on June 23rd. It was said

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The Half- Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences : Being a Practical and Ana-

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He thought that the antipyretic drugs were entirely superfluous in this

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is very porous, the opposite obtains. There an isolated or single case is the

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" Keeping these facts in view, and calling to recollection the several cases which

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